Our round up of the hottest remakes in 2017

If you’re a footie nut and grew up in the 80s or 90s its a safe bet these designs will hit you with just a twinge of nostaliga.

We've all splashed out on our latest club kit for it to go to charity collection 18 months down the line.

With summer here and the next world cup just months away here's one kind of football shirt that you won't find yourself decorating in anytime soon!


Holland 1988 remake

Remember Van Basten, Rijkaard and Gullit on your CRT screen? Then you'll remember this design classic which has truly stood the test of time. Fading arrows against the orange of the netherlands shows simplicity when done right can't be beaten. We're also stocking the 1997 polo design and the 1998 shirt for something a shade smarter.



West Germany 1990 remake

Making the most of the brazen colours of the German flag this is another sponsor free shirt that has come storming back into fashion with the likes of Paul Kalkbrenner DJing to the thousands in it at Tomorrowland 2016. Brehme, Klinsmann and Matthäus took home Italia 1990 in glory before West and East Germany were reunified just years later.


West Germany 1990 away remake

The West German away design uncannily similar to the Holland 88 kit. This pattern is back in fashion big time for 2017/18.

1998 Mexico remake

The French world cup produced more than one classic shirt but Mexico has to take the prize for its truly unique Aztec calendar infused El Tri home jersey. It's hard to imagine today's clubs churning out anything this risqué. Check out the white away version too.


France 1998 remake

On the other end of the design spectrum but spawned in the same year France won the 98 world cup in this shirt with the finesse to match. The French designers nailed the detailing on this line based red white and blue classic. Don't miss the golden rooster.


Argentina 1986 remake

Inextricably bound to that cheeky image of Maradona we all grew up with, the Argentina 86 kit is another example of simplicity done right. The squad have kept their basic design for decades now but lost the hearty crests of the 70s and 80s. The 1978 design was a close runner up - buy here.



1993 Club America remake

A less well known team makes the list for its bold colours and textbook use of sponsor logo. The squad was truly striking wearing this with golden shorts and socks. The home shirt is slightly less in your face with a white instead of yellow background. Buy here.